mardi 22 octobre 2013

Au restaurant Côté Court Agadir

When we were young, we were member of the Royal Tennis Club Agadir. But the last thing we were interested in was tennis. It was just an excuse to play and jump around with friends. I still have great memories of this place.

At that time I felt that this place had a soul and a great potential.

Hopefully, more than 20 years later the place has been completely transformed. As you can see, Côté Court Restaurant was opened to welcome you, your family or your colleagues. The place is well decorated, impeccable service and delicious food. 

If you need more information, join facebook page here.

jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Outfit of the day

The weather is still warm these days in Agadir, so I keep wearing my silk dresses/tunics that I bought during summer sale and I didn't post about it.

Wearing a dress/tunic with a slim fit jeans or a legging makes you feel confortable especially when you work in a kinda conservative environment.

Do you agree ??

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Massimo Dutti Boys & Girls September Lookbook



 It's the first time I'm posting about kid's lookbooks, but you can easily fall in love with these outfit. This collection is such an inspiration for BCBG style lovers. Mixing riding boots with corduroy trousers, Wearing cashmere sweaters with husky parka and leggins, or a simple skinny jeans with a white shirt and a beige trench !!!

Which look can inspire you ?

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