mardi 9 novembre 2010

Bits of my week-end...

Salade cesar et spaguetti bolognaise
Cesar salad and spaghetti bolognese

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  1. thanks for your visit:P
    xox from ´spain

  2. Can I ask you what kind of lettuce did you use in your salad? Regular one or crisphead (iceberg)?
    I'm asking because I couldn't find the crisphead one anywhere in Morocco when I wanted to make a salad. Like there was only one or two kinds of salad, just regular one.
    I looked everywhere, in the souk, in Marjane and in Aswak Assalam.
    I'd be thankful for your answer :)


  3. It is my pleasure to answer you kasia. I find this kind of salad at the municipal market here in Agadir. A market where normally foreigners do their purchases and where we can find anything that is not available in the souk and Marjane.

    I hope I've helped a little!!

  4. Ohh thank you dear!


  5. the jacket is from ZARA! i love it

  6. Nooooooon, tu rigoles hahaha !
    En même temps j'aurais fait pareil à ta place hahaha


  7. It looks really really good!
    Great blog!

  8. mmmm, looks like you had a very tasty weekend :)


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